EPD of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Food, Plants
Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by 68 Greek olive growers
Quality and sources
Olive oil has been a core product for the mediterranean region since the bronze age and has many other uses besides nutrition. Olive oil can be considered as "carbon negative" as it removes from the air more CO2 than is emitted for its fabrication..
Independent verification of the declaration: 
Third party verifier: 
Name of the third party verifier: 
Elin Eriksson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Sponsor : 
Farmers Groups of Nileas, Peza Union and Mirabello Union, Greece
Sponsor type: 
Industrial sector, trade association
Program Operator: 
Harkopio University, University of Patras, Greece
Program Operator: 
Rodax Agro Ltd.
Program Operator Type: 
Company/group of companies

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