An Introduction to Packaging and Recyclability

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Greenpurchasing guide criteria
Packaging Resources Action Group
General packaging material, plastics, metals, paper and board, glass, cartons, compost packaging
Package/Container (not paper specific)
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United Kingdom

The focus of this study is on the recyclability of packaging material such as plastic water bottles, as this is the area that is often the most unclear for packaging designers and also where guidance is least available. The guidance does not cover full life cycle analysis of packaging impact, but does reflect recognized industry practices to help reduce the environmental impact of packaging in its end of life phase. The guidance is aimed at reflecting what is appropriate for the majority of cases and also incorporates trends in emerging recycling technology. 

I wish all the packaging

I wish all the packaging designers were aware of the gravity of using excessive material, it's time for a new greener trend. Frankly I am bothered when I see over-packaged products in stores because I am actively involved in a local recycling program and buying a product like that means extra effort to dispose the package. We're lucky to have Alexandria trash pickup handle the hard part of the job, they send the materials to the main recycling lines.

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