LCA of Chocolate Packed in Aluminium Foil Based Packaging

Posted by Fanny Crocquevieille
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Package/Container (not paper specific)
Food, Plants
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Quick LCA
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German Aluminium Association (GDA) in cooperation with the Euopean Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA)
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Union, Federation
Sybille Büsser / ESU-services GmbH, fair consulting in sustainability
Niels Jungbluth / ESU-services GmbH, fair consulting in sustainability
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1kg de chocolat en emballage de 100 grammes
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The life cycle of chocolate encompasses the whole food supply system including the cultivation of cocoa beans in tropical regions until its consumption in the household. Cocoa beans are transported to Europe by ship and processed to semi-finished cocoa products (butter, powder, liquor). The produced chocolate is packed in aluminium foil and paper, transported to the retailers where it is bought and transported to the household. Used packaging is partly recycled and partly disposed off in landfills or in an incineration plant. In the methodology used the content of recycled material for the packaging production has been considered and therefore no credits for recycling and energy recovery are given. Four different chocolate compositions are investigated in this LCA in more detail: dark, milk and white chocolate and chocolate with sultanas.

In conclusion the most relevant factor concerning the environmental impacts from the whole supply chain of chocolate is for the majority of indicators the composition of the chocolate particularly with regard to the amount of milk powder used and the agricultural production of cocoa beans. In all cases the production of chocolate is the most contributing phase in the life cycle. Retail packaging and distribution are far behind, more or less of similar importance.
Second most important aspect is the shopping behaviour with regard to emissions from individual and public transportation.


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