Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting Products

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LED Lighting products
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Solid-State Lighting Program Building Technologies Program Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy U.S. Department of Energy
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Navigant Consulting
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Number of Lamps (Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, and LED Lamps) Needed to Supply 20 Million Lumen-Hours.

This report’s aim is to quantify the  cycle energy consumption of LED lighting. It contains a comparaison between life cycles of differents types of lamps and the LED lampes. The resources costs in manufacturing, transport, using and the end of life and the environnemental impact are in fact the major aspects to assess in order to compare between light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products and traditional  lighting technologies. The purchase, disassembly and chemical testing of those different types of lampes  are included in the study to define whether potentially hazardous materials are present in concentrations  that exceed hazardous waste regulatory thresholds.

10 different publications were used to provide the data  to  analyse and develop several  life cycles energy (One for every type of  lamp studied)

The uniformity of the LCA is guaranteed by the fonctionnal unit : “20 million lumen-hours”

Main results :The LED lighting can save energy  and  improve lighting quality better than the convitionnal kinds of lamps.

The uncertainty in life-cycle energy  consumption of an LED lamp specially on the manufacturing of the LED package can have a big influence on the final results. In fact, The low  estimate indicates the LED package contributes to 0.10 percent of life-cycle energy use, while  the high estimate shows it could be as much as 27 percent. 

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