Lifecyle Assessment of the Fairphone 2

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Marina Proske Fraunhofer IZM Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49.30.46403-771 Fax: +49.30.46403-211 Email:
Full LCA available on the web
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Fairphone 2 (Smartphone)
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Detailed LCA
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One Fairphone 2 for a three-year intensive use
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The goals of this life cycle assessment (LCA) are to identify the hotspots in the life cycle of the Fairphone 2 and derive possible improvement measures. The scope of this study covers the entire life cycle of the Fairphone 2 from raw material acquisition, manufacturing, and use to end-of-life. The functional unit for the baseline scenario is an intensive smartphone use over three years. The corresponding reference flow is the Fairphone 2 as delivered to the customer including sales packaging and manual (without charger, which is not part of the standard delivery). The following impact categories are covered : - Climate change (GWP) - Abiotic resource depletion (ADP) - Human toxicity (Humantox) - Ecotoxicity (Ecotox)

The main driver for all impact categories is the production phase causing mostly more than ¾th of the impact.
Transport, End of Life (EoL), and use phase have a comparably small influence (except for the impact category
ADP fossil). The EoL results are even negative meaning a positive effect on the overall
life cycle, which can be seen especially for the impact category ADP elements.

The overall GHG emission results of the Fairphone 2 LCA are 43.9 kg CO2e (results for the
other impact categories can be found in the study). Compared to other smartphone carbon
footprints provided by the different manufacturers, this is a result in the midrange.


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