The MIRAI Life Cycle Assessment

Posted by Pedro Aoun
Full LCA available on the web
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the MIRAY vehicule
Quality and sources
Is the study a: 
Detailed LCA
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Is the study compliant with ISO 14044?: 
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Toyota Motor Corporation
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Toyota Motor Corporation
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Functional unit: 
The transportation of passengers for a lifetime distance of the vehicles in both market cases: in Japan and in Europe.
Goal and scope of the summary: 
TOYOTA conducts a LCA for the MIRAI by comparing it to the gasoline and gasoline hybrid vehicles to prove that they achieve better environmental performance than their predecessors. The assessment procedures are focused on the MIRAI unique conditions in its powertrain the “Fuel Cell” and the energy source “Hydrogen” by taking into consideration the impacts of its sources, components’ efficiency, constitution of materials and production processes. The scope of the assessment is to include all energy, materials, substances and processes as far as it can be considered. To include new models, materials and parts suppliers’ as well as TOYOTA in-house divisions’ cooperation is necessary. For fuel cell powertrain, in-house development divisions and manufacturing divisions provided with necessary data to assess all life cycle phases for all new parts.

The MIRAI shows substantial environmental performance in many life cycle impact categories in both market cases in Japan and in Europe. In case of GWP (Global Warming Potential) , which is the greatest concern of automakers, MIRAI shows reduction of 40~70% compared with conventional gasoline.
The main outcomes to be conveyed to the related functions to lead future improvement are:
-    Alternative for theCFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) used for thehydrogen tanks and stack frame.
-    Reduction of use per vehicle of noble metals.
-    More care of the environmental aspect in the initial stage of the production processes.
-    Future improvement in hydrogen pathways and vehicle efficiency improvement

Material impact(s): 
Abiotic ressources depletion
Raw material impact level: 
Manufacturing impact(s): 
Manufacturing impact level: 

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