Etudes ACV disponibles

Date de publication Titre Code Produit Nom(s) de(s) auteur(s)
1 an 20 semaines Contributions to Eco-design of Machine-to-Machine Product Service Systems: the example of Waste Glass Collection Package/Container (not paper specific) Waste Glass Collection
1 an 20 semaines Sustainability Impact Assessment of a Refrigerator Home Appliance Refrigerator
1 an 20 semaines LCA of vacuum cleaners Home Appliance vacuum cleaners
Silvia Bobba
Fulvio Ardente
Fabrice Mathieux
1 an 20 semaines T-shirt PEF screening report in the context of the EU Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules Pilots Clothing/Textile T-shirt
1 an 39 semaines Renault Twingo - Life Cycle Assessment Vehicles/Fuels Renault Twingo 3 Groupe Renault
1 an 41 semaines Renault KADJAR - Life Cycle Assessment Vehicles/Fuels Renault Kadjar Vehicule Renault Group
1 an 41 semaines Drinking Water Alternatives and Consumer Beverage Consumption in North America Food, Plants Drinking water alternatives
1 an 42 semaines Life Cycle Assessment of Tissue Products by Kimberly-Clark Cleaning Tissue Environmental Resources Management Limited
1 an 42 semaines The New Audi TT Coupé - Life Cicle Assessment Vehicles/Fuels Sports Car Climate Neutral
1 an 42 semaines The MIRAI Life Cycle Assessment Vehicles/Fuels the MIRAY vehicule Toyota Motor Corporation

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